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Why You Need Chat 24/7 Live
Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?
As an attorney you spend significant amounts each year for both online and traditional marketing to attract new clients to your firm's website.
Stop Missing New Client Opportunities
With current day website analytics it's easy to find out how many people come and leave your sites without engaging.
How many new clients could you gain if you knew their names , phone numbers and email addresses?
Start Growing Your Business Faster
Live chat statistics indicate from 25% to 40% more. Now that's just from website traffic.
Think of how much additional business you would gain if you had live chat available anyplace you could paste a link on the internet; emails, banner ads, social media, newsletters, blogs and more .
And Stop Letting Leads Grow Cold
Concerned about prospect follow up. We’ve thought of that too.
Our chat assistants can instantly arrange a conference call between a chat prospect and your receptionist to set up an appointment.
You'll start seeing imediate results and only pay for "qualified leads" which you define at the outset, so it's risk-free. There's no contrast, no monthly minimums, no credit card required at sign up. Best of all, you can promote your brand with our private label capabililty and we do it all for you, so there's no time or personnel investment on your part.
To get in touch with us right away and experience our live support solution first hand, click on the chat button at the right side of this page or Contact Us .
More Leads, Less Cost, No Risk, No Personnel Required, Plus. . .
Check out all the features we offer below and Contact Us now to start optimizing your website and marketing investments.
More Leads from Your Websites
Increase leads by 35% or more from your websites.
More Leads from Your Online Marketing
Put our live chat button anywhere you can paste a link on the web.
More Business from Adwords Conversions
Improve Adwords conversion by 40% or more.
24/7 Monitoring
Live personal presence around the clock to capture leads and answer questions.
Personnel Time / Expense Savings
Use our skilled operators experienced in the your industry, instead of your staff.
Instant Lead Transmission
Transcripts sent immediately after chat sessions via email and text message.
Proactive Chat Buttons
Substantially improve lead capture with popups, animated chat buttons.
Custom Chat Features
Chat buttons and message windows tailored to your website and messages to suit your practice objectives.
Brand Promotion
Include your logo on chat buttons and windows.
Success Based Pricing
Only pay for "qualified leads", which you define at the outset, so there's no financial risk.
No Contract
Cancel anytime you're not completely satisfied.
Easy / Quick Installation
No training required. Simply paste a small snippet of code on the web pages where you'd like your chat button to appear and that's it.
Call Conferencing
Instantly connect chat prospects with you sales team.
CRM and Google Analytics Integration
Integrate seemlessly with Google Analytics.
Customized Reports
Learn more about your prospects and web traffic from customized monthy reports.
Cloud Based Service
We host the software, so no downloads or updates.
Partner Program
Join our Marketing Partner Program to promote your brand and create a growing stream of recurring income.

Only Pay for Success

You only pay for "relevant" leads you receive which you define at the outset, and there is no monthly minimum charge.

Lowest Cost

You'll find we offer the highest quality service at the most competitive pay-for-success prices in the industry.

No Contract

Cancel any time you're not completely satisfied.
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Join. We'll customize chat buttons and message windows to reflect your brand.
Generate additional revenue with easy-to-sell, pay-only-for-success pricing and our 24/ 7 managed live chat platform.
We supply the operators and software from the cloud.


Just integrate our managed 24/7 live chat offering into your marketing program under your brand.
We'll send you code snippets for your customers to paste into their websites.
Ask them to define what they consider a "lead", and their ready to grow their business.


We bill your clients monthly under your brand and rebate your commissions.
There's no training required and your clients can cancel anytime they're not completely satisfied.
Login to our site to view and download reports on your customers' progress.
It's that easy.
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Not Convinced ?
Read what other attorneys are telling us...
Before: "Don't need chat, we have a 24/7 answering service."
After: "Was pleasantly surprised to find that our new business intake increased after using pro-active 24/7 chat on our website and canceling our service."
Before: "Don't need chat, get most of our business from referrals. "
After: "Always thought chat was just for e-commerce businesses. Our pro-active chat button has increased the flow of new traffic dramatically."
Before: "Don't need chat, get almost no business from our website."
After: "I never realized some people don't like to fill out forms or talk to an answering machine after hours. Chat increased our new business by over 30% in the first 3 months alone."
Before: "Don't need chat, we use Adwords."
After: "Was amazed to see the increase in Adwords conversions after adding chat. Thought all we had to do was bid high enough to get the clicks and play the percentage game for conversions."


Chat 24/7 Live

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